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Our Breakfast


Someone  said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we are glad to satisfy our palate and, also, our spirit, into a set of food, art and energy to better prepare our day.

Ingo Mauer’s Zettel’z


A paper lamp that has made the history of desing, produced since 1998 is composed of steel, frosted glass and Japanese thermo-resistant paper, customizable with phrases, drawings, poem and thoughts. Can be replaced by photographs or other images that illuminated by a central light, give us the amazing scenographies.

The works of Carmen Battaglia

We chose Carmen Battaglia cause her works are full of vital energy, constant and ever-changing, transmitting unexpected emotions.

Ancient Art of Glass

We wanted to keep a piece of our history incorporating an old reception canopy, harmonized with the new environment of art that sorrounds,



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