Milan and Surroundings

Milan is a metropolitan area and one of the most densely populated city. It was founded around IV b.c century; growing always more now it is one of the main financial and economical centre of Italy. Furthermore it is one of the four world’s leading cities for fashion and is also characterised by the “ University of Milan” that attracts italian and foreign students every day.

The main places to visit and see are...

 La Darsena

Was not just the connection between the “ navigli”, it is also a storic symbol and place for the city of Milan. In the past, it has symbolized the harbor for the transport of goods and wares through water. During the event of Expo 2015 there were so many works for the Darsena and it started to be again the storic symbol of Milan. Today, it is described as “ unexpected beauty” that gives something more to the city. Music, crowd, festival, celebration, lights are the main basics that tipify the Darsena.


Since the past Navigli was one of the main part of the city, because of his importance regarding the transport of waves and goods, place of meeting and also inspiration for the art and the artists. Today, they offer an unmissable touristic tour that offer the possibility to do a boat trip, organized especially on Sunday. Around Navigli there are many typical restaurant where you can eat something of the Milanese Cuisine. Moreover, it is called one of the main “ IN - AREA” of Milan where you could find also many pubs, discopubs, restaurant of various type.


Duomo is the main and the most famous cathedral of Milan. It was founded around 1386-1387. It is in the centre of the city in the square with the same name, the so called “ Piazza Duomo”. It is dedicated to “ Santa Maria”, as a matter of fact on the top of the church there is “ Madonna” inaugurated in 1774. She’s the most important symbol of the city and the protector of all citizens of Milan.

 Galleria Vittorio Emauele II

The commercial and sales gallery of milano is a connection between “ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II ( the main street near to Duomo) and Piazza Beccaria ( an important square of Milan).This gallery was built around 1863 and the idea was to make a crosswise gallery with two parts with two different lenghts. This gallery as a Nickname: “ Milan living room”, due to the fact that since the foundation of the gallery there were a lot of bar and restaurants; and many of them are still open. The centre of the gallery is charaterized by one simbolic element, the so called “ Balle del toro”, they seem to get lucky to everyone will turn with the body plating just one feet on this specific point.

 The Castle or Castello Sforzesco

The castle is in the centre of the city, just few steps from Duomo. It was born around the XV century and conceived in the mind of “ Francesco Sforza”. Inside it has two different interesting travel that become more interesting and involving if you will use a flashlight. This castle is also characterized by a big park inside of it. It is perfect to walk and relax yourself. Another important element of the castle is the “ fountain” that has the same form of a wedding cake. This is the reason why it is called : “ the weeding cake”.

 Cenacolo Vinciano (The last supper)

The last supper is in the refectory of the convent of “ Santa Maria delle Grazie “. It is one of the most famous painting of Leonardo Da vinci and it is considered a real masterpiece. There is the possibility to access to the convent to see the painting, but it’s necessary the booking before and inside can enter a maximum of 20-25 people, due to the fact that the most important thing is to preserve the painting.

 Fashion centre or so called Quadrilatero della moda

The “ quadrilatero della moda” is for all of them that love the shopping.
It includes four main street of the centre : Via Montenapoleone, Via Alessandro Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia.
It is considered the most beautiful and important fashion centre, full of shops of high fashion ad a lot of italian or foreing tourist fall in love with it.

Out of town...

Milan is a very dynamic city that has so many chatacteristics, but not only in the centre of the city. It is possibile to tour going out of the town and find many places to have fun, relax and to have a look to a lot of natural landscapes.

 Lake Como

Lake Como is the deepest lake of Italy. Around it there are a lot of nineteenth century houses, natural gardens, parks and little towns characterized by the medieval style. Lake Como has two main properties : elegance and beauty; that attract every type of tourist from all the world every day.
Near to Lake Como, there is a fascinating villages : 
  • “Bellagio”: It is the main appreciated destination for the tourist and offers many green places, coloured houses and a very stimulating landscape. 
  • “Varenna”: it is near to  Bellagio and is really appreciated overall from international tourists. It’s characterized by centuries of fundamental history and there is the possibility to take the boat to have a connection with Bellagio.


Lecco is described as : a rich landscape that offer the glare of the colours on the water. There are so many affascinating and extraordinary natural beauty, that are very difficult to not appreciate it. Moreover, it is very interesting to see all villages around the city of Lecco, such as Carenno, that is completely a green village.

 Morimondo Abbey

An abbey positioned near to Milano and closer to Pavia, that was built around 1182.This abbey has a gotic style that identify his special beauty. The importance of this abbey was the reason why there was the birth of a Foundation of Morimondo that was admitted by Ministry the of cultural heritage.


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